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The ocean, the sun on the water, the sparkle, the ripple, the flow, where the sky meets the sea, where the sea meets the shore, the moon, the stars, the whales, dolphins, sea turtles and their companions in the ocean, tropical flowers and foliage, ancient Hawaiian lore, vintage Hawaiiana from the 40s, 50s and 60s, surf culture, tiki torches, tapa designs, Polynesian island influences, the Aloha spirit…

It’s an outpouring of my love for things tropical, Hawaiian, island-washed, vintage, simple, clean, and emotionally and visually appealing. I’m drawn to stylized ocean and botanical themes and surf culture. After almost 20 years creating for clients as a graphic designer, I began creating for my own self-expression and for other lovers of functional “island contemporary” art. My hope is that the unique sense of place that Hawaii occupies comes through in my interpretations.

Over the years, I’ve gathered a large collection of tropical images that have fed my imagination, and provided touches of Hawaiiana and island style to client projects. These days, I try to capture primal, universally felt and appreciated aspects of island life in my designs. The images, so far, have been printed on note cards, canvas tote bags, canvas zipper bags, flasks, and 8 x 8″ wall canvases.

Some of the designs are created from scratch. Others evolve from the re-working of digital images, purchased and collected over the years. Sometimes I buy extended licenses for re-sale rights, so I can incorporate other artists’ artwork into my ‘collages.’ I love honoring and supporting artists whose design elements speak to, and inspire, me.

My first series was originally intended for a set of coasters. The original set of one-color iconic tropical images lent themselves to roundness (coasters, right?) but were ultimately re-purposed for a set of simple, earthy “mahalo” (thank you) cards. I decided spreading appreciation was a higher calling than protecting flat surfaces from wet drinks. Following quickly came four series of ocean themed cards: Ocean/Sky, Blue Planet, Lure of the Sea, and Aloha Days and Nights. The mermaid swam in on her own. She belongs.

…a commitment to make art, evolving from a lifetime of flirting with the visual arts from the sidelines. It’s still hard to call myself an artist. A designer, yes. A collector (maybe ‘curator’) of images, yes. An assembler of visual elements, absolutely.

I’ve been taking photos since I was 8 and was shooting for my high school yearbook when my father passed his darkroom equipment on to me. In my 20’s I spent seven years managing a picture frame shop where I was exposed to a lot of art, artists, principles of design, layout, color, etc. But I wasn’t making art. Then along came the home computer. With a mouse and a (very) forgiving UNDO button, I learned to move vectors and pixels around like mad. I practiced my new graphic design and computer skills making cards, banners, invitations, photo collages and more for my loved ones’ special events, and launched a business in 1996.

Now, 20 years later, I invite you to explore the ‘product division’ of Kauai Design, EVERYDAY BEACH PLAY.

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