‘Who Can? You Can’ Campaign


Project: Poster series, Website, Radio Campaign, Bumper Sticker, Call-to-Action Cards
Client: Kauai Domestic Violence Prevention Task Force, sponsored by the YWCA of Kauai
Goal: Promote safety & harmony for Kauai families, educate & empower the community
Concept: Recruit high visibility spokespeople to appear on posters and speak on public service announcements (PSA’s) reminding non-professionals about what action steps they might take to help prevent domestic violence. Posters featured portraits of community leaders with relevant calls to action. A varied color scheme added interest to the 5-poster set which could be rotated or hung in multiples. Posters, PSA’s and cards directed residents to the website/survey to review and respond to a list of possible actions they might have taken in the previous week to make a difference. Participants could repeat the survey weekly over the 90 day campaign. and receive additional entries into the prize drawing.
Background: Recognizing that the friends, relatives and co-workers of those involved in domestic violence are the real ‘first responders’ to family violence, task force members sought to empower the community to step up and help change norms of behavior on our island. The bumper sticker rolled out first, followed by the simultaneous launch of the poster, website, and radio campaigns on May 2, 2011. Two nights at the Kauai Grand Hyatt Resort and Spa were donated as an incentive to respond to the online survey. The survey asked whether participants had taken any action in the previous week to improve safety and harmony in their homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, or in the community at large.
Techniques: Eleven community leaders volunteered as spokespeople and appeared on posters and/or spoke on PSA’s.¬†Professional studio portraits were provided courtesy of Photo Spectrum. Kauai Design collaborated with Zowee Web Design on the website. KONG Radio Group recorded and edited the PSA’s. Posters were created in Adobe Illustrator and printed by Kauai Printing Solutions, who donated the call-to-action cards.
Facts: Posters were printed 11 x 14.25″ and also made available 8.5 x 11″ for self-printing. One year later posters and bumper stickers are still visible in the community and the website (www.whocanyoucan.org)¬†has had over 800 visits. To increase the ‘shelf life’ of the campaign, the posters were revised, eliminating the prize drawing information, and remain available for download on the website. Radio spots were also re-edited and can be heard on the site. Radio scripts and website copy written by Kauai Design.