Borderless Layouts

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Borderless Layouts

bleed (n.)  In the printing world, a ‘bleed’ is an extension of the artwork 1/8″ or so beyond the outside dimensions of the layout, to be trimmed after printing. The design, including bleed, is printed on oversized paper to allow for trimming afterwards. This way the ink runs all the way to the edges and cleanly ‘bleeds’ off the page.

Bleeds are necessary because printers can’t print all the way to the edges of the paper. If you don’t have the luxury of a bleed, you typically have to reduce the size of your full page layout a bit and live with uneven white margins. Your impeccable design can end up looking amateurish and unattractive. So what do you do? Disconnecting the edges of the design from the edges of the page can minimize the white border effect while giving your layout a more compelling look and feel. Here are some alternate approaches…


The variations shown above are just a sampling of many possible layouts that eliminate the need for bleed, by uncoupling the design’s edges from the page’s edges.

(Crisis Outreach is a fictional organization.)

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