Learning to Trust

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Learning to Trust

[New poster series included below]

Though this blog claims to be about ‘graphic design, marketing and the creative process,’ sometimes I want to color outside those lines (parameters that I just made up anyway) and explore topics beyond. Maybe it’s time for a larger ‘container’ to hold more depth and breadth. But meanwhile I share posters about these rogue, outlier topics and categorize the posts as graphic design.

After recently reading the wonderful little book, ZEN AND THE ART OF HAPPINESS, by Chris Prentiss, I want to jump in, both feet, and practice ‘trusting the universe’ moment by moment. Not just generally trusting in a hopeful, optimistic way, but trusting that it is a friendly universe and that the process is working for good in this (fill in the blank) specific situation in this time and space, even if I can’t see it from here. In hindsight, I can almost always see a “negative” event as a jumping off place to something “positive” in my life.

So to wedge my topic in through a crack in the door, and to help keep me focused on my practice, I made these “Today I will trust…” posters for myself (and anyone else who needs them). I know firsthand that you can change a habit in 30 days…even a habit of thought. Reminders help light the way.

In my explorations of the theme, I found an inspiring guest blog post, “Trust that the universe has your back,” by Linda Ford, who suggests that the same trust issues that cause us to hold back in romantic love may also cause us to hold back from a relationship with our larger-than-life partner, the universe. An excerpt (shared with permission from Pam Grout, author of E Squared, on whose site it appeared):

     Some of us show up with high expectations knowing that the universe has the potential to be one great partner. We dive right in. We’re optimistic, unabashed, playful, trusting, and eager to do whatever it takes to keep our relationship vibrant. We take the risk because we know that the price of missing out on the possibility of joy would be too great a loss.

     And then there are those of us who just never quite relax, let go, and trust that the universe really loves us and has our back. We hold the relationship at arm’s length…just in case something goes wrong…just in case it’s not as benevolent and honorable as we had hoped. We dilute our true feelings, we don’t ask for what we really want, and instead, play it safe. We put on our armor, because the fear of disappointment is too much to bear.

     How would you describe your relationship with the universe?

     You may think it odd to know that you have a relationship with the universe. But you do. In fact, it’s actually one of the most important relationships you’ll ever have. Think about it. You’re interacting with it at every single moment. You’re getting constant feedback about how you’re showing up. It never ignores or neglects you. And best of all…what the universe is capable of giving you in return for your love, supersedes any relationship you will ever have with a mere mortal.

     It all sounds so wonderful in theory. The question is: do you really believe this relationship exists? And if so, are you showing up with an enthusiasm to really LOVE, or are you holding yourself back due to fear and doubt?

See full post here.

I invite you to explore that edge with me.

Posters as promised. Click on the images below for 8.5 x 11″ printable pdf’s.





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2 responses to “Learning to Trust”

  1. Morris says:

    Thanks for this refreshing looks at what’s good Linda. Things have been a little overwhelming for me lately and this was a refreshing dip in a cool pool of thought!

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