This is How

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This is How

An excerpt from Augusten Burroughs’ unconventional, entertaining, and sometimes brilliant self-help book, This is How  (and a related poster from Kauai Design) 


Confidence is not the presence of anything at all. Confidence is a reduction of your own interest in whether others are thinking about you and if so, what they’re thinking…to be more confident you need to give a whole lot less of a shit about what other people think of you…Confidence is being at ease, fully yourself, and not self-conscious but rather task conscious…You will never experience one instant of confidence in your lifetime. Instead of thinking about confidence, focus on exactly what’s happening in the instant.

Even painfully shy and awkward people are not painfully shy or awkward when they are alone…Access this natural, comfortable alone self [by forbidding] yourself to wonder what ‘they’ are thinkng. Instead force yourself to exist in the instant, then take it—and give it—as it comes.

Be where you are when you’re there, doing whatever it is you’re doing. It sounds like advice made out of mist, I know. Just try it in the most literal way possible…Never be afraid of space or silence. They are merely the cool side of the pillow during interacton: a refreshing mental nap. [But] delay is deadly. Delay is a gun pointed at the temple of confidence…Worrying about what you’ll say means you’re out of the moment.

Unscripted, unedited, and wholly authentic people…are not afraid to make live, red-blooded mistakes, and rather than trying are busy simply being.

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