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We don’t know what we don’t know, right? And being in the dark about a process or a discipline can keep us from taking advantage of its many benefits. So, if you’re considering an upgrade to your organization’s graphic identity or advertising strategy or packaging, here’s what others in your shoes have asked about how things work at Kauai Design.

Q:  I don’t know where to start. How does this work?

A:  Part of my job is to take the ‘overwhelm’ factor out of the process. I offer a free consultation to explore your needs and wants and discuss possible directions. Once the conversation gets started, juicy, creative ideas typically bubble up to inspire and feed the process. My 17 years of experience gives me a broad and deep perspective on solutions that you may not have even considered. Kauai Design has professional relationships with local printers, sign makers and publishers and can shepherd your job though the printing / fabrication process or prepare it for publication. To get started, just call me.

Q:  I know exactly what I want. Can you help me bring my ideas to life?

A:   I love working with clients who know what they want. Nobody knows your business and your clientele like you do, and you probably have ideas about what could take you to the next level. You can be as active in the creative process as you like, or just share your vision and turn me loose to flesh out your concept. When appropriate, we may invite an illustrator, photographer or web developer into the collaboration.

Q:  What’s the process and what do you need from me?

A:  I start by gathering all the information I can related to your objectives, the ‘look’ you’re after, and your positioning in the marketplace. If it feels like a fit, we move forward with a written project proposal, which includes a cost estimate, project timeline, scope of services and a list of any graphic or text files to be provided by you. A signed proposal and a 50% deposit gets you on the production calendar and off we go. I stay in close communication throughout the project, and you have multiple opportunities for input and feedback.

Q:  How do you charge?

A:  The initial consultation (up to 1/2 hour on the phone or 1 hour face-to-face) is free. You get an estimate in writing before we begin. Though I may quote a flat rate on a large or complex project, most smaller jobs are estimated at the hourly rate of $80. Along with the more tangible (and billable) design and production services provided, you are also likely to benefit from the ideas, experience, education, expertise, writing skills, contacts, design resources, and local market knowledge that I bring to the table.

Q:  Why is professional graphic design important to my business? 

A:  Your visual identity serves as the solid foundation on which to build your business and makes that all-important first impression. It communicates quality to your customers and generates trust and credibility. A designer’s solid knowledge of design principles and eye for detail can make your promotions shine, and rise above the visual clutter and information overload of the crowded marketplace.

Working with a professional designer can also save you time, freeing you and your staff to do what it is that you do best. It can save you money too. An experienced designer has already climbed the learning curves involved, and has the right tools and skillset for the job. She also knows where to find the resources necessary for your project.

Graphic designers are professional communicators and problem solvers. Clear, strategic, user-friendly layouts, impactful visuals and precise, persuasive language help engage the reader and guide him through the steps to acting on your offer.

Q:  More questions?

A:  Contact Linda Pizzitola @ 808 635-3703 or linda@kauaidesign.com

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