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We’re all about making you look good, while getting to the heart of your communication goals. And getting the right message to the right people in the right voice. We go all out to capture the spirit of your organization and showcase your product, service or event with clean, clear, user-friendly design and salesmanship!


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Our clients rock! And the co-creative process just keeps getting better. Here’s a partial list of people and organizations we’ve worked with on the branding and promotion of their businesses and events.

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“Linda is one of the most intuitive and creative graphic designers in the industry. Her technical proficiency, coupled with strong interpersonal skills and a savvy for marketing, make her the smartest choice for any company trying to gain recognition in today’s complex business environment…”
Susan Irie, Kilohana Lighting

The Graphics Grapevine

Since 2004, we’ve written and gathered dozens of articles on Graphic Design, Marketing, Copywriting, and the Creative Process in the The Graphics Grapevine quarterly ezine. Similar content is now being shared as single-topic blog posts on this site. Selected back articles from the Grapevine are also available here.

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From the Graphics Grapevine Blog

Aug 26, 2016

Print Helps Protect Forests

by Gerry Bonetto for Graphic Design USA, August 2016 There’s a very popular myth out there about the relationship between print on paper and forests. You may have even heard your clients say, “Cutting trees for paper threatens forests.” Lots of people think this. Many companies have even used this myth to motivate customers to switch from paper bills to electronic bills. But the reality is, it’s just not true. Here’s why.   THINK IN TERMS OF “TREE FARMS,” NOT “OLD GROWTH FORESTS”  In the U.S. today, trees are...

Jul 17, 2016

Blue Space

Science Explains How Staying Near Water Can Change Our Brains Excerpted from an article by JENNY MARCHAL Editor’s note: Many of us are instinctively drawn to the water for renewal, refreshment and a connection to something primal.  As John F. Kennedy said, “when we go back to the sea, we are going back from whence we came.”    Have you ever felt at peace when you’re walking by the ocean? A sense of rejuvenation when you stand by a waterfall? How about taking in the view of a breathtaking lake from your...

Jun 1, 2016

Top Ten Reasons to Use Print

Guest post by Robert Campbell, Maui Printing Company. Given the rate at which advertisers and marketers have been jumping on electronic media bandwagons these days, it seems that print (still the most effective communication medium thus invented) has to justify itself. The Print Council’s recent “Why Print?” campaign of “Top Ten Ways Print Helps You Prosper” is a case in point. While there are certainly more than 10 reasons for advertisers and marketers to prefer print, we’ve taken a tip from the Print Council and present our own top...