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Kauai Design is all about making you look good…while capturing the spirit of your organization and the the heart of your communication goals. We help you get the right message to the right audience in the right voice. We showcase your product, service, or event with clean, clear, professional design and a touch of salesmanship.


Client List

Our clients rock! And the co-creative process just keeps getting better. Here’s a partial list of people and organizations we’ve worked with on the branding and promotion of their businesses and events.

Clients Are Saying…

“Linda is one of the most intuitive and creative graphic designers in the industry. Her technical proficiency, coupled with strong interpersonal skills and a savvy for marketing, make her the smartest choice for any company trying to gain recognition in today’s complex business environment…”
Susan Irie, Kilohana Lighting

The Graphics Grapevine

Since 2004, we’ve written and gathered dozens of articles on Graphic Design, Marketing, Copywriting, and the Creative Process in the The Graphics Grapevine quarterly ezine. Similar content is now being shared as single-topic blog posts on this site. Selected back articles from the Grapevine are also available here.

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From the Graphics Grapevine Blog

Jan 16, 2018

6 Techniques to Boost Your Creativity 

Guest post by Daisy Hartwell.  Creativity makes our world a better place. Really, what would the world look like if no significant discoveries were made? No revolutionary ideas, or even just new approaches to doing things? Creativity pushes humanity forward. It helps the gears of progress spin faster. And it simply makes people’s lives more comfortable and exciting. Find out what creativity really is, along with some great ways to spark it. We’ll describe six creativity techniques that you’ll be able to use while studying, working on a project,...

Dec 3, 2017

The Art of “Yes and…”

“Yes and…” is one of my favorite take aways from To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others by Daniel Pink. He says we are all salespeople, whether we’re moving goods, services, ideas, or otherwise trying to persuade anyone to do anything. Times have changed in the world of influencing others, he says. Now consumers can educate themselves and access feedback from other consumers with the click of button. So “the stable, simple, and certain conditions that favored scripts have now given way to the dynamic, complex, and...

Aug 6, 2017

The Right Time to Rebrand

EDITOR’S NOTE: If it’s time to freshen your brand, we’d love to help. How many of these factors are true for your organization? Guest post by Mike Wicks When it comes to rebranding, there can be big risks and big rewards — and timing is everything. When a press release about the rebranding of Accent Inns hit my inbox recently, it made me think about the do’s and don’t of changing, or updating, your brand image. Many people are under the impression that you should never tinker with your...